Call for Papers for Issue 7, Winter 2018/19

Asia in Focus is now in its third year of publication. Thus far we have published an extremely wide range of subject areas from political economy and societal change, to international relations, popular culture, literature, education and film. We demand a high academic standard of our authors, and we give in-depth feedback in order to give extra guidance, more than one might find in a mainstream academic journal. We believe if early career researchers receive good guidance it inspires confidence and a quest for quality.

Download the Call for Papers document here.

Asia in Focus is an English language journal and the geographical focus is Asia spanning from Central Asia to Oceania and excludes Australia and New Zealand. We welcome papers written by PhD and Masters who:

Are studying or recently finished their Masters or PhD in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

Are/Were registered at any European institute of higher education

Have written an academic essay or article of approximately 3500 words on a subject involving one or more Asian countries

About Your Submission

While we warmly welcome paper submissions all year round, this call is specifically for authors who wish to be published in Asia in Focus Issue 7, Winter 2018/19. We accept academic articles, academic essays and book reviews. All papers submitted must have be of a good standard of English in order to be put forward for review.

Extended deadline for submissions is 15th October 2018 to

We ask that you submit two/three documents as attachments in MS Word format or similar.

Document 1: Basic Information

Access the template here.

Your Name

Your institutional affiliation (university/college and department)

Your field of study and academic discipline

Your primary research interests

If you have recently graduated state the month/year that you completed your studies

The title of the paper

Five keywords

A statement confirming that you have received permission to quote interviewees, publish pictures, maps and such in a public open source journal.

A statement  indicating whether you are submitting an academic article, an academic essay, or a book review

A statement confirming whether we may publish your email address

Document 2: The Paper (articles and essays)

Title of the paper

Five keywords

200 word abstract

Paper length is 3500 words (+/- 350 words), excluding abstract, title, photos, graphs and references

For references use parenthetical in-text APA style. Access a tutorial here.

Do not include any endnotes or footnotes

Document 2: The Paper (book reviews)

At the top of the first page of your review, give a complete bibliographic citation for the book. This includes full names of authors, complete book title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, special features (such as illustrated/heavily illustrated, an enclosed DVD, foreword by a noteworthy individual etc.), ISBN number, and hardcover or paperback edition.

Maximum length for a book review is 1,000 words

No abstract is needed

Do not use footnotes

When quoting from the book or citing examples, include the page number for reference

At the end of the review, include your name, title and institutional affiliation

Document 3: Graphs, Figures and Tables etc.

Place all graphs, figures and tables in their original format and size in a separate document AS WELL AS including them in the main paper

Indicate clearly the number and title of each

Include the title of the essay or article